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Illinois and Everyone Else

Disaster collaps-italism at its most obvious. It’s impossible to examine state higher education finances in 2016 without separating the collapse in Illinois from a more nuanced picture across the rest of the country. State and local support for higher education in Illinois plunged as the state’s lawmakers and governor were

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City Colleges Faculty Council – Complaint to Higher Learning Commission

Faculty Council of the City Colleges of Chicago, representing the seven independently-accredited City Colleges of Chicago (District 508), submits the following complaint to the Higher Learning Commission directed against District Office. [Summary below. Read full complaint here.] Summary of District Office’s violations of Higher Learning Commission policies and standards. District

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CCC Puppet Show

From the October 2015 edition of The Herald, Harold Washington College’s student-run newspaper.  The article addresses Rep. Robert Martwick’s (D-Chicago) bill, HB 4312, calling for an elected Board of Trustees for CCC. The associated cartoon lampoons the current power structure at City Colleges.

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Labor unions ‘necessary’ 

Through boom and bust, the American worker has been faced by two trends over the past few decades: the percentage of workers that are members of labor unions has decreased and the American middle class has slowly been hollowed out. According to four researchers – Richard Freeman at the National

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