Announcing: Alliance of City College Unions (ACCU)

Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600, has joined with the other unions who represent employees at the City Colleges to form the Alliance of City College Unions (ACCU).

The new alliance calls for the administration to take immediate steps to preserve City Colleges as an open-enrollment comprehensive community college.

From a recent ACCU petition:

  • Halt the consolidation and relocation of the Child Development program to Truman College
  • Engage in full and open dialogue with faculty, staff, students and the community regarding program consolidation across the seven colleges
  • End the tuition plan that penalizes part-time students
  • Restore last-week student registration
  • Work with advisors to create an advising system that privileges meaningful advisor-student interaction
  • Declare a moratorium on job cuts for front line faculty and staff
  • Cut the bloated administration at district office that does not serve student needs
  • Negotiate in good faith with campus unions, particularly with adjuncts and security personnel who have gone nearly four years without a contract or a salary increase.

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